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 NEW PRODUCT! BodyLift   ROTISSERIE   Introductory Price  $ 1,795
BodyLift Rotisserie ... loading   Lifts car or truck bodies right off the frame to rotisserie in ONE STEP!
Just lift, lock, and spin.  It's that FAST ... it's that EASY.
And like our BodyMaster, the BodyLift Rotisserie steps it up for the automotive enthusiast with the features needed for today's professional auto restoration equipment:
·  Fully adjustable support & balance system.
·  Support system accomodates narrow to wide bodies.
·  Balance bar can be adjusted up to 28" for optimum rotation.
·  Work height adjustment ~ 18" up or down.
·  System length adjusts from 12 feet to 18 feet.
·  18" long-reach gusseted mounting brackets that pivot.
The rotation hub on each tower works just like the BodyMaster for smooth 360° rotation.
  Made in the U.S.A. from 3/16 wall 3" square steel tube and 1/2" thick steel plate.  Rolls on 5" hard poly castors.

The BodyLift Rotisserie is the perfect tool for auto restoration, auto customizing, racecar fabrication, or high performance vehicle projects, etc. It will lift, hold, and rotisserie the body of your antique auto, classic, show vehicle, hotrod, musclecar, custom, vintage racecar, performance vehicle, or your off-road car or truck.

Comes with standard 8 ton hydraulic rams and illustrated step-by-step instructions. Also available with Blackhawk hydro-pneumatic rams for one-man operation. Only $1,995.  Making the body accessible for your frameoff auto restoration has never been so quick and so easy! 
  BodyMaster  Professional   Only  $ 3,495
Comes complete with everything you need to lift, tilt, and support your project at the perfect work height and angle for incredible access, inside and out.
 Shipped in 4 boxes to US addresses.  CA orders - sales tax added.  Wt. ~550 lbs.
and machined
Assembles in
minutes and
adjusts to fit
any vehicle.
Built tough - see BodyMaster Specs
Quickly lifts
the body.
Easy frame
4-pt. holding jig
with a +/-2mm tolerance for an accurate build.
Makes fabrication
and panel or section
replacement easy.
Gives full access
to the underside
and interior for
stripping and
  One machine
start to finish,
all the way to
paint and
      ·   100% made in the USA from the
        highest strength structural US steel.

    ·  Each BodyMaster is assembled and
        tested before shipping.

    ·  Limited lifetime warranty.
    Comes with illustrated step-by-step instruction manual. Winches included.  
BodyMaster   PROLIFT   $ 4,695  
  A BodyMaster Professional complete system plus two  Accessory Kits  that add more features to your BodyMaster system for increased versatility.

Get 18" additional lifting height ~ more clearance for extra tall projects or for removing a chassis out from under the body when its on a cart or stand .

The extra height lets you configure the BodyMaster as an extra heavy-duty rotisserie that can lift from floor level to 72" ~ even works for unibodies.
Includes built-in balance adjustment up to 28".
  ·  The Extended Lift Kit includes all the modular components needed to transform your
BodyMaster into a high-lift.  And the 72" of total clearance lets you also configure the
BodyMaster as an extra heavy-duty rotisserie.
  ·  The perfect complement to the Extended Lift Kit is the Rotisserie Support Bars Kit.
The bars form a rigid support between the substructure of the central body and the rear.
Supports the body where it's the weakest when on a rotisserie ~ the quarter wheel area.
       Comes with illustrated step-by-step instruction manual. Winches included.
BodyMaster   PROJIG   $ 4,995  
  A BodyMaster Professional complete system plus one  Accessory Kit  that was designed just for the professional builder!

Expands the BodyMaster from a 4-pt jig into a 6-pt building jig.  Perfect for when additional accuracy is absolutely critical: total vehicle builds, section replacements, or general structural work ~ a must for convertibles.

Two 12" attachment brackets and additional supports hold the vehicle securely, adds extra support for the rear of the vehicle.
  ·  The ProJig Rear Support Kit comes with all the modular components needed, just add them onto your BodyMaster and adjust to fit your project.  
  ·  Includes two additional 120" arm support bars with internal I-beam support for added rigidity.
  ·  Vehicle body can be lifted off frame with the ProJig attached, and the towers are adjustible to center the body weight.
         Comes with illustrated step-by-step instruction manual. Winches included.
  BodyMaster XTREME   Now  $ 7,995
Created for the professional shop with multiple projects and limited space.  Get the advantages of one BodyMaster system plus all our accessory kits! You get the ProJig Front & Rear Support Kits, Extended Lift Kit, and Yard Castors Kit !
  ·  With both the ProJig Front and Rear Support Kits you get an 8-point building jig
       that's great for one piece bodies like the Studebaker Avanti or Corvettes.
  ·  Compact system moves easily to each process station in your shop, from frame
       removal to fabrication, paint, then final assembly.
  ·  Gives you superior access while saving you time, space, manpower, and money.
BodyMaster Xtreme shipped in 12 boxes to US addresses.  CA orders - sales tax added.
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