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    THE BodyMaster™ PROFESSIONAL ~   Your ultimate lifting, holding, & building machine !  
  Sets up in minutes and does the job of lifts, tilters, carts, rotisseries and
  building jigs - all in
ONE compact, extra heavy-duty precision machine.
Why did the San Jose Mercury News put the BodyMaster at the top of its
list of best new products that save you time and money?  (“Shop Easy,
Work Smart”)   Because the BodyMaster can save you  30% or more
of your project’s completion time!
HOT ROD Magazine says: “This professional level, universal, multi-configuration system sets up in minutes and combines the job of lifts, tilters, carts, rotisseries, and building jigs in one tool.  The body can be easily pulled off the frame, then rotated during the restoration process as desired ~ all in a one-bay shop or garage”.
'GTO Weld-Nut Repair' November 2009 issue
   Now it's possible to do complete frame-off restorations in 1 shop bay, with the BodyMaster Professional.
A precision, modular lifting and holding (jig) system, the BodyMaster easily removes a vehicle body from its frame or
sub-frame and rigidly (accurately) holds the body while you tilt and roll it, giving you incredible access for disassembly, fabrication, panel replacement, stripping and undercoating, to final paint and assembly.  One machine start to finish!
 ·  Set up is quick and easy!  Precision components
     simply slide together and lock.
 ·  Rolls on lockable 4” steel casters.  Move the body where you
     need it for each process, even transport it to another shop.
 ·  Multiple configuration options give end-to-end tilt
     or 360° rotisserie for access to every surface.
 ·  Smooth winching operation raises or lowers the body to any
     work height from 10" to 48" above the floor (72" with Pro Kit).
Replaces  bulky lifts, tilters, carts, rotisseries, & building jigs
  From the narrow bodies of the 30's and 40's, the extra long heavy bodies
of the 50's, to the wide bodies of the 60's like the Pontiac wide-track, the
BodyMaster does them all.  The calibrated universal system adjusts to fit.
The unique holding method and the tilt & rotation features let you easily reach every surface.  Do patchwork, extensive structural repairs, and section replacement at a comfortable work height and angle.
Perfect for the home restorer, hobbyist, and professional shop
whether you’re doing one or one hundred restorations, customs, hotrods,
or racecar fabrication projects.   See all BodyMaster Packages & Prices
FrameOff products are precision made using laser technology and the latest computer controlled machining and cutting equipment.  You get zero-tolerance jig welded components made from the hightest rated USA steel materials, ¼” thick
US structural steel tube, type C.  This is the top grade, and has a much higher tensile strength.  All our products exceed ASTM and SAE standards, and are 100% built in the USA.  
See Complete System Specs.
  FrameOff has combined decades of hands-on restoration experience with today’s technology to give you what’s needed to build
  or restore a vehicle from the ground up, in one compact, heavy duty machine.
   Lift, Tilt, or Rotisserie!  HOW can the BodyMaster do it all with 1 piece of equipment?  
We call it “Redirected Load Weight”.  Taking advantage of the latest in cable-stay bridge technology, the BodyMaster's patent-pending design is engineered to transfer the load weight through the tower in a way that will let the system lift
and rigidly hold the body during removal and jig set up.  This allows the BodyMaster to easily lift almost 10 times it’s
own weight using only TWO 1-ton hand or electric cable winches.
The BodyMaster attaches to the car's body at the factory bodymounts or jig locations, holding the body at the same
places the factory used when the car was built.  Our RigidLoc cross support system guarantees the strongest, safest,
most secure support method to hold the body during customization or restoration ~ no body twisting, sagging, or stress!
The lower crossmember assembly quickly removes and retracts for fast chassis and suspension removal.  The upper tower components are also removable during use, so doors can be fit or opened to work inside the car.  
Built-in load offsetting eliminates the need for overhead support and permanent floor mounting. This gives  full control
of operation and makes the system extremely quick & easy to use.   So unique the design required an extensive patent.
   New Features !   Each carriage has an internal 10,000 lb load-rated bearing system, and an automatic safety brake that will lock the lifting carriage in place immediately if the cable should loose tension for any reason while going up or down. The brake can also be manually applied anytime.  
Removable winching extensions on the tower bases allow the system to fit through 8 ft wide shop doors, paintbooth, and garage doors.
We’ve also raised the height of the lower RigidLocSupport so it matches the tower  
   bases for a complete 4” off the floor system.  And get 10” of ground clearance with the Yard Castors Accessory Kit.
   Do the whole project without removing the body from the system; fabrication, stripping, coating ~ all the way to paint.
   The BodyMaster is truly universal and does more for you than any other single piece of equipment.
    Add-on Accessory Kits give your FrameOff BodyMaster even more features
              Do you need more lifting height for your project?
  Add the Extended Lift Kit to your BodyMaster
  and get
up to 72" above the floor.
    For a complete professional build just add-on
  the ProJig™ Rear Support Kit for a dedicated

  6-point building jig
that's as accurate as the
  factory jig.
.  The ProJig Front Support Kit is
  also available.
       The BodyMaster ProLift includes the Extended Lift Kit and Support Bars Kit.  The BodyMaster ProJig includes ProJig Rear Support Kit.  TheBodyMaster Xtreme includes all accessory kits: Front & Rear ProJig, Extended Lift, Support Bars, and Yard Castors.  See all Accessory Kits.
     The one-of-a-kind modular design of the BodyMaster and accessories allows extremely compact storage or easy
     transport, just disassemble the components.  Can be delivered almost anywhere.  Shipped UPS in multiple boxes.
  ONE MACHINE, START TO FINISH !    So versatile, there really is  NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT.      
     Use for home garage projects or when space is tight.  
       Do customs, suspension, welding, and other jobs.      
   Don't put your project on hold.     
FrameOff Equipment brings you equipment that saves money, time, effort, & space, a better way for today's professional.  Our innovative line of products combine top-quality construction with patent-pending designs backed
by over 30 years of experience for dependable, hard-working equipment at reasonable prices.
Manufactured from ASTM rated U.S. steel, and proudly made in America, each piece of equipment is inspected, assembled, and tested before shipping.  Our limited lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship guarantees your satisfaction.
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  See the lifting systems products pages for a complete listing.  
Lifetime warranty on all FrameOff products.  
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